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Three Phase Static Stabilizers

Manufacturer and Exporter of Three Phase Static Stabilizers, Static Voltage regulators from Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Three Phase Static Voltage Stabilizers
Three Phase Static Voltage Stabilizers / Static Voltage Regulators

VEPL – Ultra Fast Series Static voltage stabilizer is automatic voltage regulator with no moving parts inside it. Static Voltage Stabilizers regulate voltage value in milliseconds with 16-bit microcontroller digital signal processing technology, Stabilization is performed on true RMS voltage. Output Voltage is not affected by load power factor (cos∅) also load percentage 0% to 100% on individual phase. Basically, static Voltage Stabilizer is made of buck boost transformer, a conversion unit along with IGBT (Static Switches), voltage compensation on buck boost primary winding is performed by DSP based PWM control electronic board through IGBT modules. Instead of conventional auto transformer, control circuit adds and subtracts voltages thus compensating mains variations in response time 20 milliseconds. As there are no moving parts inside the device that will worn and require maintenance over the time. However, in classic servo motor voltage regulators, there are moving and mechanical friction parts such as motors along with gear train, dead end limit switches, variable transformer carbon brushes and rotating wires. These moving parts wear over time and, accumulation of dust in between the parts can cause fault in a short time. In addition, when the machine work continuously under load, auto transformer surface may become heat and wear and even voltage interruptions occur. In other words, static voltage stabilizers guarantee’s reliable and long-term operation since the regulation is done statically, electronically at ultrafast speeds.

VEPL ULTRAFAST SERIES assures seamless operation of electronic machines by providing purest power through continuous pulse width modulation (PWM) switching of a buck-boost transformer using a convertor-inverter. The high frequency Insulated gate bi-polar transistor (IGBT) driven converter circuit takes the incoming ac power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage. 20,000 times per second, to achieve real-time compensation of voltage disturbances, sag or swell. All this is achieved within 20 milliseconds through seamless PWM compensation of voltage so that all voltage disturbances are corrected within ITIC curve for flawless operation of electronics.

Key SVR Technology Features and Consumer Benefits:

  • Complete Range 5 - 500 KVA. Newest High End Embedded Technology with Multilayer SMD PCB.
  • Static Quiet Operation, Zero Maintenance - No Switching, No Moving Parts.
  • Ultra-Fast response time: 20 milliseconds, Very High-Speed Correction: 5000V/Sec.
  • Small Footprint, Easy for Shipment, Installation – Super Space Saver.
  • Completely Air Cooled, No Oil Tanks – Oil Free.
  • High Power Efficiency greater than 98.5%.
  • Zero Impact of Voltage Sags, Swells, Surges, Spikes, Noise, EMI-RFI Interference.
  • High Reliability – More Flexibility. Most Advanced Safety Protection Features.

Protective Features:

  • Standards & Safety: Designed to meet UL 60950-I standards, Protection class IP 20.
  • Overload & Short Circuit Protection: Through Suitably rated input circuit breaker.
  • Soft Switch On: This feature ensure that the output voltage is never higher than the input voltage upon switch on, before it commences full stabilization.
  • Automatic Bypass: Regulator engine will be automatically bypassed when there is a fault condition.
  • Surge Test Conditions: Per class 2 surge combination wave.
  • Surge Let Through Voltages: 1.2x50us, 6kV, 8 x 20us, 3kA waveform, L-N <300 V.


CNC & Robotics, Auto & Auto Ancillary, Oil & Gas, Textile Spinning, Processing, Knitting, Weaving, Engineering & Process Industry, Wood Cutting, Radar & Telecommunication, R&D, Testing, Diagnostics, Plastic Processing, Printing & Packaging, Building Management, Security & Surveillance

Product Details:

  • Duty: Industrial Continuous
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Output Voltage: 415 V
  • Dimension: Mentioned in Catalogue
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooled
  • Power Efficiency: Over 97 %
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 to +45 Degree C
  • Regulator Circuit: High Frequency 20 KHz IGBT Driven Voltage Regulation Convertor
  • Speed Of Correction: 20 milliseconds
  • Regulation Mode: +/- 13% +/-20%
  • Minimum Input Voltage: 360 VAC(Ph-Ph) 320 VAC(Ph-Ph)
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 470 VAC(Ph-Ph) 480 VAC(Ph-Ph)
  • Minimum Capacity: 10 kVA
  • Maximum Capacity: 500 kVA
Static Stabilizer vs Servo-Controlled & Tap Changing Voltage Stabilizers
  Static Voltage stabilizers Servo voltage Stabilizers Tap changing Voltage Stabilizers
Technology IGBT converterbased DSP controlled Electromechanicalvariac based Auto transformerwith SCR based tap control
Correction speed 2000V/sec Typical 35V/sec Slow
Correction time Less than 10 msec 1000 ms - 5Sec 200 ms-1Sec
Auto bypass Yes No No
Voltage Stability 1% 10% 2%
Cycle by cycle Voltage regulation Yes No No
System protections - Short circuit
- Over current
- Over/under voltage
None None
Overload capability 125% for 10 min
150% for 1 min
No No
Load protection capabilities Excellent None None
Interrupts power path at the time of regulation No No Yes
Power cycling transients No Yes Yes
Dynamic load handling capability Yes - suitable for all kind of loads No No
Regenerative load handling capability Yes No No
Soft start features Yes No No
Individual phase compensation Yes No No
Communications for remote monitoring or SCADA compatibility RS 485, Modbus, TCP/IP and others on request none none
Reliability Excellent Good Fair
Size Very Compact Bulky as its oil cooled Compact
Maintenance No Yes Yes (In case of Relay)