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Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC)

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
Automatic Power Factor Control Panels

Vijayshri Engineer Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we are also complied with CE marking. We are very well known for our Product Quality and International acceptance. We are superlative quality APFC Panels. Automatic Power Factor Control or APFC Panel are mainly used for the improvement of power factor whenever required by switching ON & Off the required capacitor bank automatically. It helps reduce reactive power & apparent power demand. It helps to avoid Power Factor surcharges & max. demand penalties. It reduces the risk of operational issues & power loss whereas it also improves the Power Factor.

Most Suitable For –
  • Textile
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Spinning mills
  • B.P.O. Organizations
  • Shopping malls
  • Steel mills
  • Cement & Paper mills
  • Offices & Buildings
  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Rice mills
  • Hospitals
  • Cinema Halls / Multiplexes
  • Commercial Complex
Input voltage 400V – 660V / 950V
Usages Various Industries
Supply Three Phase 4 Wire
Type Medium Phase
Capacity Up to 2500 KVR
Frequency 50 Hz
Type Forced Air Cooling
Cable Entry Top, Bottom
Ref. Standards For i)Capacitor – IS2834, 1986 ii) Panel – IEC 439/1-2
Salient Features –
  • Reduction in Max. demand
  • Energy saving up to 5%
  • Low Power Factor penalty can be avoided
  • Extended life for switching gears, capacitors & Cables
  • Avoid high current consumption losses
  • Reduction in Electricity Bill
  • Highly intelligent microprocessor based three phase power factor controller with dual power factor setting & master slave modes
  • All major components are of Standard make like Siemens, L&t and Schneider.
  • All components are carefully integrated for reliable performance & longer life
  • Capacitor duty contactors & MCB or MCCB are used to Switch On Capacitors to minimize switching surges
  • Uses small correction steps to maintain accurate setting
  • Auto/manual facility cooling facility
  • Very low Watt losses
  • Improvement of Power Factor to optimum levels is guaranteed product range – 20KVAr to 1000KVAr
  • We provide solutions for improving plants Power Factor by installing APFC panel
  • Heavy duty Capacitors with detuned filters will be provided where high level non – linear harmonics present up to 30%